He was a Butler a Humble butler he likes to keep the Kitchen and Dining room Tidy . He was Mr. Boddy's butler until his marriage came along Mr. Boddy threatened to black nail his wife and they were left with no money . Wadsworth was with all 6 of the suspects through out the evening of the killing of Mr. Johnathan Boddy . When he was killed Colonel Mustard asked if there was anybody in the house the butler said yes colonel :So there is somebody Wadsworth: No I'm Sorry I said yes meaning no Colonel: yes meaning no I want a straight answer Is there anybody in the house yes or no. Wadsworth: no Colonel: I still have confusion wether there's someone in this house Wadsworth: No Colonel: there's no confusion or there's nobody in the house Wadsworth: Neither or both Colonel: can you just give me a straight answer Wadsworth: What was the question Colonel: Is there anybody else in the house Wadsworth: No. Then the butler drew lots for partners as they split up.