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Prof. Peter Plum
I didn't Colonel Mustard tried to take the Revolver out of my hand when the lights were out and shot him.
First appearance Murder!
Last appearance Death of Mr. Boddy
Created by Anthony E. Pratt

Christoper Lloyd (film)

Drives a Chrysler town& Country (film)
Born Peter Plum
August 31, 1922
Dundee, Scotland[1]
Gender Male
Eye Color brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11"
Weight 178 lbs.
Given Weapon Revolver
Ethnicity Scottish
Nationality United States of America
Residence Arlington, MA[2]
Occupation Auto Mechanics 1 and 2 Auto body as of 2018 Cycietrist is his field
Religion Atheism[2]
Family Edgar Plum (father)
Victoria Plum (mother)

Prof. Peter Plum[2] (born August 31, 1922) is a man with a degree of suspicion. Would his research methods stand the scrutiny of a microscope?


Peter Plum was born on August 31, 1922 in Dundee, Scotland to Edgar and Victoria Plum. Peter Plum was raised in Boston, Massachusetts while visiting Egypt annually during the summer because his parents were Egyptologists. Plum felt as if he lived in Egypt and developed a love for the country[3].

Professor Plum was outstanding in his childhood education and became even more successful in his college career. Professor Plum studied at Harvard University, earning a doctorate in Chemistry, and later studying at Oxford University and earning a doctorate in Archaeology. At Oxford University, Plum focused on Mid-Eastern Studies so that he could fulfill his dream of becoming an archaeologist in Egypt, like his parents. During this time, Plum began teaching archaeology at Harvard University and became the head of the Archaeology Department[3][4].

Later, Professor Plum collaborated with Rev. Green in an extortion scheme. Rev. Green and Sir Hugh Black funded Prof. Plum’s experiments. Prof. Plum continued his chemistry career in nuclear physics for the government’s research. Prof. Plum contributed greatly in developing nuclear weapons for the United States military. From his previous teaching career, Prof. Plum plagiarized a student’s work and submitted it as his own research for various newspaper companies. The government eventually discovered that he had plagiarized and fired him from his jobs and position in nuclear physics[2][3][5].

In 1949, Prof. Plum married Mr. Boddy’s daughter. Plum was unable to test an experiment, so he forced his wife to test it, leading to her death. After this, Professor Plum signed a contract with a company and created a medicine that was not yet tested, but commercially sold, causing the deaths of thousands of people<ref name="Cluedo (TV series)>Cluedo (TV series)</ref>[5].

Prof. Plum left the study of chemistry and began to pursue his childhood dream of studying Egypt. Sir Hugh Black offered to fund Plum’s research excavations in Egypt. Prof. Peter Plum was later hired by the British Museum because of his fame in the archaeological world. Previously, during his teaching career, a student of his made a historical feat and Plum plagiarized the student’s essay and killed him. The British Museum eventually discovered that Plum plagiarized from a student and was fired from his job[3].

John Boddy invited Prof. Plum to his thirtieth birthday party at the Boddy Estate on June 5, 1954. The guests were all blackmailed by Mr. Boddy who threatened to exploit their secrets because they had all hurt him in a way. Boddy threatened to reveal Prof. Plum’s crimes of multiple murder and plagiarism, which would ruin his academic integrity. At 8:30 P.M., John Boddy was murdered and his corpse was found on the cellar stairs. All of the guests had the perfect motive, but whodunit[3][6]?

After Boddy’s murder, the suspects returned to their homes in Arlington, Massachusetts. Prof. Plum began to conduct his own experiments in chemistry and continued studying in Egypt, despite his financial struggles[2].

A year after the murder J. Edger Hoover and his fellow employees called the original guests together to continue investigation for John Boddy’s murder. The two forged a false will in order to try to kill Mr. Boddy. After these events, the suspects, including those at the hearing of the will, all of the suspects tried to escape the United States after being placed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted List; the investigation for finding these criminals was directed by Jay Edger Hoover. Eventually these suspects came together and traveled to Paris, Tangiers, and then to Rangoon; they all collaborated to find and kill Inspector Pry, who was tracking them. Prof. Plum was arrested by Inspector Pry for multiple murder[5].


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