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Miss Peach[]


Miss Peach is the stock character of a Southern Belle. Her character is usually one who manipulates others using her sweet, innocent charm. However, this is far from the case. She is appropriately represented her background color is pink.

Clue the VCR Game: Peach was played by Mara Flash. Making her first appearance in the Clue world, Miss Melba Peach arrives purely by ‘accident’ when her car breaks down on the bridge connecting Boddy Mansion with the rest of the world. She really came to the mansion on purpose, on request of her father, M. Brunette in order to con the others out of their earnings in Blacks will.

Master Detective: Arriving at Boddy Manor, Miss Georgia Peach claims to be the long-lost step-niece of Mr. Boddy. However, these claims do not go unquestioned for which she claimed to have been taking a long vacation in the country on short notice. She is presented as a blonde-haired girl, wearing a large pastel orange hat, and her favourite flower is the deadly nightshade.

UK Super Challenge: Miss Peach is introduced in Britain. Unlike her American counterpart, this Miss Peach is more like a quiet, reserved school matron.

Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Miss Peach makes another appearance in Britain’s Super Cluedo and Passport to Murder. Her appearance is similar to her depiction in Super Challenge with the short brown hair, yet she has regained a more bubbly personality. However, in Super Cluedo, her colour inexplicably changes to pink, as Mme Mystique (Rose) instead assumes orange.

Clue FX/Cluedo SFX: Miss Peach would later make another appearance in Clue FX. Her personality and looks are very similar to that of her Master Detective counterpart. She sports some daisies as a hair decoration, and carries a parasol.

Clue Mysteries: The final appearance of Miss Amelia Peach so far has been in Clue Mysteries. Here, she is portrayed as a bitter law school dropout who had her share of bad luck in life. She is seen wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and is erroneously dressed in pink. Hugh Black was the Blackmailer at the time of her life.