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Cluedo Original.png
Publisher(s) John Waddington, Ltd.
Release date 1949
Genre Murder-Mystery

Cluedo (also known as Murder at Tudor Close, stylized Cluedo?) was the first edition of Clue released in the United Kingdom in 1949. Cluedo is a game for 2-6 players who play as suspects in the murder of Dr. Black at his home, Tudor Close. The object is to solve the murder by means of elimination and deduction. The winner must find out the identity of the murderer, the weapon that was used, and the room of the mansion of where it was committed.


The suspects are 6 guests that Dr. Black had invited to his home. The suspects are represented by wooden playing pieces.


There are 6 possible weapons that were used to murder Dr. Black.


The murder occurred at Tudor Close, Dr. Black's home and mansion. There are 9 rooms where the murder could have occurred.


  • Cluedo was originally to be named "Murder!"
  • This was the very first edition of Clue.
  • When this classic game was created in England, it was called "Cluedo", taking off what the Britons called "LUDO", which simply means "I play" in Latin.