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Dr. Black/Mr. Boddy[]


Dr. Black (UK)/Mr. Boddy (US) is the owner of Tudor Close (later Tudor Manor and Tudor Hall), who takes the stock character of a generic victim. In Cluedo, he is the unseen host who is murdered, which inspires the premise to discover who murdered him, with what implement, and where the crime scene took place in his mansion. Dr. Black was listed in the original patent filing as one of the 10 characters created for the game, in which one character was randomly drawn from the suspect cards to serve as the new victim prior to the start of each game. Therefore, the victim was never intended to be the same character each game, nor were the player assignments. However, prior to the publication of the first edition, Dr. Black was relegated to the role of permanent victim in the UK, and Mr. Boddy in North America.

The name Mr. Boddy is a pun on the fact that the character has become a 'dead body.'

In the board game[]

Classic Detective Game: In all original versions of Cluedo and Clue, Dr. Black/Mr. Boddy is stated to have been the victim of foul play. His body is found at the bottom of the cellar stairs by Miss Scarlett. Aside from being murdered, his role in the standard games ends here. Dr. Black makes his first appearance in a board game on the box cover of the 1996 Cluedo edition, as a photograph in a newspaper. He appears as an older, sombre man with unkempt hair.

Master Detective: Though again unseen, Boddy's character is slightly more fleshed out through the descriptions on the playing cards. From most of the info gathered, Mr. Boddy collects memoirs of famous spies as well as art, had an ex-secretary by the name of Madame Rose and supposedly has painted an exotic beauty several times in his Studio.

2002 US: Wealthy anthropologist, Mr. John Boddy, died just short of his 30th birthday. He had often been nicknamed Dr. Black in reference to his more well-known uncle, Sir Hugh Black.

Cluedo/Clue Mysteries: Dr. Black makes only his second appearance in this game, his first as Mr. Boddy. He is drawn as a young, cheerful man wearing a trench-coat and glancing at his pocket-watch. For the first time, he is a player as well as a victim of a crime, though no one is murdered in this game.

Discover the Secrets: Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black is completely replaced with an unnamed and unseen millionaire mogul.

Clue the Card Game Mystery at Sea: In this spinoff of the board games on a yacht, Mr. Boddy appears for the second time only, in an unfinished portrait as a distinguished older gentleman, wearing a Van dyke beard and a monocle. He is not, however, relegated to the role of the obligatory corpse, but may instead, with the luck of the draw, play as a suspect.

The Classic Mystery Game: Still a millionaire, this reclusive character now has the name of Samuel Black, and oversees an organization established to protect the world's secrets. This, in fact, may be the motive for the murder in this first version of the board game.

2016 US/UK - Dr. Black/Mr. Boddy is celebrating his 30th birthday and reopening of his mansion, Tudor Mansion. He has invited old friends and relatives to his gathering to celebrate, many who were acquaintances of his uncle, Sir Hugh.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue the Movie: Mr. Boddy appears for the first time ever, played by Lee Ving. Mr. Boddy is the ultrapatriotic McCarthy supporter and blackmailing owner of the mansion, now titled Hill House. Contrary to the image of the suave playboy or dignified doctor offered in previous incarnations, this Boddy is a stereotypical wise guy with slicked back hair and designer stubble who dresses in solid black.

Convinced that the six main characters are "all thoroughly un-American," he has been blackmailing them for some time. The motive for his murder, therefore, was to stop the blackmail. However, his plan backfires, and he is shot with the revolver in the study. Or was he? Later, his body appears a second time with candlestick wounds. He is killed by different suspects in each of the endings, but always with the candlestick in the hall. In the film's third ending, it is revealed that the mansion's butler Wadsworth (Tim Curry) is the real Mr. Boddy, and that Mr. Boddy is actually his butler, the two men having assumed one another's identities in order to draw out would-be assassins. Shortly after this revelation, the real Mr. Boddy pulls a gun on his guests and holds them hostage, but is shortly thereafter shot and killed by Mr. Green, who reveals himself as an FBI agent sent to infiltrate and break-up Boddy's extortion ring.

Clue the VCR Game: Mr. Boddy is already dead before the events in the video occur. The gathering revolves around his death and the reading of the will he left behind. The first will stipulates that the last surviving guest in the house will win his fortune. After the guests nearly kill each other, the will is burnt. Turns out, Boddy had a second will that lists off individuals who are guaranteed a share of the case. When it seems like Sgt. Gray and Miss Peach would be left out, Monsieur Brunette, Boddy's lawyer had attached a false codicil that indicated that fortune should go to his last surviving relative. Miss Peach, who is in on the plan, fraudulently reveals herself to be daughter of Boddy, until Boddy's ex-flame Mrs. White gets suspicious. Finally, Boddy had stashed away a third will that stated his fortune would go to the individual who could uncover the most secrets. In the end, the guests are driven mad to the point of attempting to kill each other. Needless to say, the wills were as insane as Boddy himself; a trait shared with his sister Madame Rose, and his son Sgt. Grey.

Book series: In the book series, Mr. Reginald Boddy is a well-meaning but incredibly naive billionaire playboy. The suspects are all his "friends," a small group of close-knit yet antagonistic opportunists who remain close to Boddy in hopes of exploiting his friendship for financial and material gain. Boddy is aware of his "friends'" greed, but in his naivete writes it off as simply being a part of their colourful personalities. At the end of every book, one of them attempts to murder him; in the next book, an outlandish excuse is offered, which Boddy readily accepts, no matter how far-fetched or unlikely.

Fatal Illusion: Mr. Alexander Boddy makes a rare visual appearance in the computer game, Fatal Illusion. He plays the role of the antagonist who disguises himself as the eccentric billionaire, Ian Masque. At the end of the game, he is pushed off a cliff by his ex-accomplice Mr. Green.

Original suspects[]

File:Clue 1972 Game Box Side Panel Character Depictions.jpeg

US 1972 Edition - Pictured from Left to Right: Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard

Miss Scarlet[]

Miss Scarlett is the stock character of a femme fatale. She is typically portrayed as young, cunning, and highly attractive. She was known as Miss Scarlet in the North American version after 1963. She rolls first in the game.

In the board game[]

1949 UK: Miss Scarlett is portrayed as a blonde in her mid-20s. Head mounted on a red pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, except now given a body.

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a young blonde wearing a red dress. Spelling of her name changed to "Scarlet" in the US.

1972 US: Portrayed in photograph as an Asian woman wearing a black dress and smoking a cigarette through a cigarette holder.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Miss Scarlet; now given a body.

Master Detective: In America, Miss Scarlet is still portrayed as an Asian woman. She is called The Mercenary of Macao and it is suggested that she will do anything for a profit.

1986 US: Similar to the 1972 Scarlet. She is wearing a red shawl along her black dress.

1992 US: Similar to Master Detective, but with close-cropped hair and an elegant red and gold dress. She is holding a Candlestick on the box.

1996 US: The American Miss Scarlet has now become a brunette Caucasian.

1996 UK: Similar to her American counterpart, Miss Scarlet is now a brunette and an actress famous for portraying femme fatales in various motion pictures.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Miss Scarlet is still a brunette with whom all the gentlemen are quite smitten.

2002 US: A more cubist rendition of 1996 US Scarlet, Josephine Scarlet is the daughter of Mrs. Patricia Peacock, though the two are not on speaking terms. She is an aspiring actress with more aspiration than talent. Now she has become a gold-digger and is taking a holiday at Tudor Mansion to get away from the London Tabloids. Spelling of her name was changed to "Scarlet" in the US.

Discover the Secrets: Miss Scarlet is now 'Kassandra Scarlet, a famous movie star.

The Classic Mystery Game: "Scarlet" is now an alias for the youthful Natalia DeSousa. She is described as a movie star who will do anything to stay in the spotlight.

2016 UK/US - Miss Scarlet is a lifelong friend of Boddy/Black, having grown up together, but has fallen under suspicion of influencing Sir Hugh's investments.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue (film): "Miss Scarlet" is an alias for the otherwise unnamed character that was played by Lesley Ann Warren. Her portrayal is that of an egotistical, sarcastic madam who runs a secret (but hardly that secret) escort service in Washington. She is given the Candlestick as a gift from Mrs. Boddy. In Ending A, she is unmasked as the murderer, while in Ending C, she is simply revealed to have murdered the cop.

Clue the VCR Game: Miss Scarlet, played by Janet Wong, is again portrayed as Asian, and now an international spy who specializes in freelance espionage. Under the pseudonym of the Crimson Lady, she’d be more successful if not for her accomplice, Colonel Mustard. She is Mr. Boddy’s knitting partner.

Cluedo TV Game Show: Vivienne Scarlet is the stepdaughter of Mrs. Peacock. She is usually having disastrous affairs with many men, including Colonel Mustard 1990 – Tracy Louise Ward, Christmas Special – Toyah Willcox, 1991 – Koo Stark, 1992 – Lysette Anthony, 1993 – Jerry Hall.

Clue CD-ROM/CD-i Mysteries: Vivienne Scarlet is the niece of Mr. Boddy. She is characterized by her flippant outbursts towards Boddy and the other guests, as well as her shaky relationships with the men in the mansion. Her common motives include gambling debts, protecting loved ones, or her inheritance of Arlington Hall. She is played by Nicola Van Dam.

SNES Game: The usual beautiful and charming Miss Scarlet. She is given a rather saucy music theme.

Book series: Miss Charlotte Scarlet is portrayed in the books as a flirtatious woman who is vain in appearance and often seeks the attention of the men by swooning into their arms.

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion/Fatal Illusion: Miss Scarlet takes on the role of a B-movie actress whose career is crumbling. In Fatal Illusion, she takes on a prominent role and hinted love-interest for the protagonist.

Colonel Mustard[]

Colonel Mustard is the stock character of a great white hunter and colonial imperialist. He is usually a military man both dignified, dapper and dangerous. Originally patented as Colonel Yellow, his name was changed prior to the first edition of the game. He rolls second in the game.

In the board game[]

1949 UK: Colonel Mustard makes his debut as a 30- to 40-year-old stiff-lipped gentleman, given a clean-cut British look with straw-coloured hair and moustache. Head mounted on a yellow pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, except now given a body.

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a young clean-shaven soldier in full-out regalia.

1972 US: Portrayed in photograph as an elderly buffoon, wearing a tweed suit and sporting white fuzzy mutton chops and moustache. He wears a monocle for the first time and has an exaggerated uptight expression.

1986 US: Similar to his 1949 counterpart, though a little more plump. His hair greys around the sides. On the box, he is wearing a tweed suit and white shirt. On the card he wears a black blazer with a plaid shirt.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Col. Mustard; now given a body.

Master Detective: Here, Col. Algernon Mustard is portrayed as a distinguished elderly gentleman who had had a history of glittering achievements and has traveled far to see Mr. Boddy on a matter of grave importance. He is a crack-shot and sleeps with a revolver under his pillow.

1992 US: Similar to Master Detective, an aged gentleman sporting his monocle and retaining his dignified look. On the box, he is examining a Lead Pipe through a magnifying glass.

1996 US: Mustard is still old and has grown more facial hair than ever before. His face is almost hidden behind his handlebar moustache and is wearing a more elaborate uniform than the more casual wear seen in previous editions.

1996 UK: Similar to his 1949 counterpart, he is given an updated and more psychotic look. He wears a yellow tuxedo and is an expert in weapons and conspiracy.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Now younger than ever, Mustard is seen a blonde-haired, blue-eyed stoic soldier, retaining a strong build, and a polished uniform.

2002 US: A more cubist rendition of 1996 US Mustard, Michael Mustard is a retired military man trying to pen his autobiography to supplement a dwindling income.

Discover the Secrets: Col. Mustard had been completely reinvented as Jack Mustard, an ex-football player/sports pundit.

The Classic Mystery Game: "Mustard" is now an alias for the young Jack Hartman, a casually dressed expert martial artist.

2016 UK/US: Col. Mustard is a decorated war hero, hiding a tarnished past of profiting off the black market. He suspects Black/Boddy is blackmailing him.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue the Movie: "Colonel Mustard" is an alias for the otherwise unnamed character that was played by Martin Mull. Here, Mustard is portrayed as a stubborn militant American who deep down is a rather weak-hearted individual, having stolen essential radio parts during wartime and sold them on the black market to supplement his income. He is given the Wrench from Mr. Boddy. In Ending C, Mustard is revealed to have killed the motorist.

Clue the VCR Game: Mustard was played by Walter Covell. In the VCR game, Col. Mustard is the henchman of Miss Scarlet who together work in espionage. He is Mr. Boddy’s hunting partner, has a fondness for booze, and despises the metal plate in his head.

Cluedo TV-series: Usually shown as a suave, ex-SAS gentleman, Mike Mustard juggles the affections of Miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock. 1990 – Robin Ellis, Christmas Special – David Robb, 1991 – Michael Jayston, 1992 – Lewis Collins, 1993 – Leslie Grantham.

Clue CD-ROM/CD-i Mysteries: Colonel Michael Mustard is Mr. Boddy's long-standing friend in business and competition in romantic pursuit. He is passionate for both his country and for his love, Mrs. Peacock (and occasionally for Miss Scarlet). His poor dealings in money often land him hard on the receiving end of being blackmailed. He is played by John Standing.

SNES Game: The usual monocle, middle-aged Mustard. In the game, he is given the theme of a military march.

Book series: Col. Martin Mustard is characterized in the books as a man with a spicy temper. He will respond to any sort of conflict by challenging the offender to a duel.

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion/Fatal Illusion: Again, Mustard is portrayed as an elderly, garrulous, militaristic Brit. He is plagued with rumours of profiteering during wartime.

Mrs. White[]

Mrs. White is usually the stock portrayal of a frazzled servant, but has also had a couple of divergent characterizations; the movie portrays Mrs. White as a fellow resident guest. Originally patented as Nurse White and changed prior to publication of the first edition. She rolls third in the game.

In the board game[]

1949 UK: Mrs. White was first portrayed as a mean-looking cook with an apple shaped face and cook’s cap. Head mounted on a white pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, except now given a body.

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a cheerfully plump middle-aged cook with red hair, holding a rolling pin in her hands.

1972 US: Portrayed in photograph as a skittish domestic servant shown to be rather timid and having a lot to hide.

1986 US: Mrs. White by now had gone from a pudgy old cook to nasty looking young maid. Here, she has a shoulder-length cut of a blonde bob and retains a scowl on her face.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Mrs. White; now given a body.

Master Detective: Mrs. Blanche White has aged drastically again, being a long serving housekeeper of Boddy Manor over the course of years. She claims to have seen many wars come and go and gets an eye squint from spying in keyholes.

1992 US: Mrs. White has settled to a middle-aged look where her expression shows a possible sarcastic grudge against her employer. On the box, she is working a noose of a rope in her hands, made from the curtain pull.

1996 US: Mrs. White takes on a grandmotherly appearance as she is now older than ever.

1996 UK: The rather manly looking Mrs. White is portrayed looking as demented as the rest of the group, wearing a white cooking ensemble and sporting a grey bob of hair. While claiming to have loved her employer, she is reported to be no longer happy in her work.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Mrs. White in these editions looks aged, but not quite elderly. She is portrayed as a stiff matronly housekeeper, who wrinkles her nose in her own displeasure such as having to ride in a third-class coach with rowdy passengers.

2002 US: A more cubist rendition than before; Blanche White is shown with short hair and a sinister expression. She is the longtime nanny and cook to Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black.

Discover the Secrets: Mrs. White had been completely reinvented as Diane White, an aspiring former child actress waiting for her day of recognition.

The Classic Mystery Game: "White" is now an alias for the youthful Alexa Smith, in the game's first depiction as her being of African American. She is described as a top lawyer who will do anything for justice, including turning vigilante.

2016 UK/US: Mrs. White does not appear in this edition, only referenced as having been a nanny to Dr. Orchid during her time as the housekeeper.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue the Movie: "Mrs. White" is an alias for the otherwise unnamed character that was played by Madeline Kahn. Her portrayal is that of a pale and tragic widow who allegedly murdered her previous five husbands. Though shown as quiet and proper, deep down she is a jealous, dishonest soul who despises anyone who gets in her way. She receives the Rope tied in a noose as a gift from Mr. Boddy.

Clue the VCR Game: White was played by Cheryl McMahon. She is the longtime maid (and later revealed secret lover) of Mr. Boddy. Together they created a love-child, Sgt. Grey who shares White’s colour-blindness. She discreetly keeps tabs on the fellow guests in her diary.

Cluedo TV-series: Mrs. Blanche White is the resident domestic at Arlington Grange. Loyal to Mrs. Peacock, and a nurturing figure to Scarlett, she is almost part of the family. 1990 – June Whitfield, Christmas Special – Joan Sims, 1991 – Mollie Sugden, 1992 – Pam Ferris, 1993 – Liz Smith.

Clue CD-ROM/CD-i Mysteries: Blanche White is the housekeeper of Arlington Hall, employed by Mr. Boddy whom she greatly detests. Though often putting on the front of a kindly old woman, she is in fact very devious, often getting involved in illegal transactions with other shady members of the house. She will turn very violent upon threat of being caught, and will often manipulate others to take the blame off herself. She is played by Joan Sims, who played Mrs. White previously in the TV Christmas Special.

SNES Game: Mrs. White is the usual plump, scowling maid. She is given rather sinister theme music.

Book series: In the books, Mrs. Whillemina White is shown as a jealous two-faced servant who smiles politely when serving the guests, while giving hateful sneers behind their backs.

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion/Fatal Illusion: White is the overweight nanny figure to Mr. Boddy. She is shown as a jumpy old soul who is nervous about everyone and everything that may hold a threat to her darling.

Clue iOS/Android Game In spite of having been cut from the 2016 board edition, replaced by Dr. Orchid, Mrs. White is brought back as an extra suspect, depicted as older, but pretty woman with white hair and suit, and purple gloves, carrying a pet dog. Though the cannon for this edition indicated she is a housekeeper, but now also stated to be Mr. Boddy's sister. Mrs White had an unsuccessful marriage with a playboy husband and has come to Boddy for help, but for what price?

Reverend/Mr. Green[]


The character of Green has been given two different personas in the Cluedo world. Originally patented as The Rev. Mr. Green, in Britain, he is Reverend Green, a hypocritical Anglican priest who weakens when it comes to the Sixth commandment, murder. In North America, he is Mr. Green, who has taken many money-oriented roles from mobster to businessman. Parker Brothers insisted on the name change as they thought the American public would object to a parson being a murder suspect.[1] He rolls fourth in the game. In some later UK versions of the game, he was also renamed as Mr. Green.

In the board game[]

1949 UK: Reverend Green was first portrayed as a plump, elderly priest with a withdrawn expression. He is wearing a traditional white clerical collar. Head mounted on a green pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, with the exception of now being called Mr. Green and now having been given a body.

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a snobbish, decadent playboy wearing a green housecoat and smoking a cigarette on a holder.

1972 US: Portrayed in photograph a sweaty looking crook, with a bald head, surrounded by black patches of hair. His expression is less than charming.

1986 US: Mr. Green is portrayed as a plump, pompous looking business man with grey hair. On the box, he is wearing a grayish suit with a green tie, while on his card, his suit is brown.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Rev. Green; now given a body.

Master Detective: Mr. Thallo Green is clearly defined as a mobster in this edition. He is shown as a fat, balding family king-pin, smoking a cigar and brandishing his lucky pinkie ring. He is apparently a mathematical whiz and good with numerical figures.

1992 US: Mr. Green is given a more youthful appearance compared to previous incarnations. His hair has slowly returned and he now has a skinnier figure. However, his personality seems to indicate cunningness and deceit in his expression. On the box, he is shown wiping clean a Wrench.

1996 US: Mr. Green is similar in appearance to his 1992 counterpart, except his hair has returned to a balding state and he is wearing a sharp, deep green pinstripe suit.

1996 UK: The psychotic Reverend Green is shown with a horrified expression on his face. Apparently, the church coffers were low on funds which inspired him to respond to his invitation to see Dr. Black.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Reverend Green is shown with a youthful appearance, albeit grey-haired. Super Cluedo claims he’s a defrocked priest turned tycoon.

2002 US: Cards and suspect pawns still show a slight difference for the characters of Reverend Green (2003 UK) and Mr. Green (2002 US), although the starting space is for Rev. Green on the 2002 US board, which is explained by giving Mr. Green the past of a former ordained minister. They are both given cubist facelifts. John Green is shown as an evangelical minister with a heavy build who has a reputation from fraud, money laundering and smuggling.

Discover the Secrets: Rev./Mr. Green is given a complete reinvention as Jacob Green, a go-to guy with all the ins. This edition also marks only the second time in Cluedo's history in which a primary character has also changed race (not including international adaptations), in this case from Caucasian to that of African descent (the first was Miss Scarlet from Caucasian to Asian in 1972 editions).

The Classic Mystery Game: "Green" is now an alias for the young and hip Tyler Marshall, continuing the ethnicity established for him in Discover the Secrets. He is described as charming, with an astonishing ability to make money, friends, and terrible mistakes.

2016 UK/US - Mr. Green is a con man, who under various guises has settled with the identity of Reverend Green. He suspects only Sir Hugh had known truth and warily accepts the invitation from Black/Boddy.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue the Movie: "Mr. Green" is an alias for the otherwise unnamed character that was played by Michael McKean. He is portrayed as a hapless homosexual who must keep his orientation a secret so he can keep his position in the State Department. However, in one of the three different endings of the film he is actually an undercover F.B.I. agent and claims to be married to a woman. He is given the Lead Pipe by Mr. Boddy. Clue the VCR Game: Green was played by Barry Doe. He is portrayed as an underworld mobster who dabbles in business for which he refuses to elaborate on. He acts as a bully where he often intimidates the others to do his bidding. He is also Mr. Boddy’s business partner. Mr. Green is one of only two characters in the Clue VCR game whose first name (Lyman) is revealed. Cluedo TV-series: Rev. Jonathan Green is the vicar of the village and a family friend to the residents of Arlington Grange. The first season gave him an environmental angle where he pursued his own charity; Save the Moles. This was dropped in later seasons. 1990 – Robin Nedwell, Christmas Special – Derek Nimmo, 1991 – Richard Wilson, 1992 – Christopher Biggins, 1993 – Nicholas Parsons. Clue CD-ROM/CD-i Mysteries: Mr. Jonathan Green is a crooked business associate of Mr. Boddy and (sometimes) Miss Scarlet's betrothed-to-be. He is often in league with Mr. Boddy behind many of the devious schemes that occur at the expense of the other residents, only to discover himself on the short end of the stick. He is played by Stuart Milligan. SNES Game: Mr. Green is the usual bullying mobster. He is given an old-time gangster music theme. Book series: In the books, Mr. Gerald Green is a greedy, conniving guest of Mr. Boddy, who never lets the chance slip away to make a quick buck. Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion/Fatal Illusion: Mr. Green is portrayed as a shady young aristocrat who had lost his family fortune in the Stock Market Crash.

Mrs. Peacock[]

Mrs. Peacock is the stock character of a grande dame, an elderly yet still attractive woman who maintains her dignity in almost all cases in most versions. She is the only original character to debut with the game who was created after the original patent was filed by the inventor. She rolls fifth in the game.

In the board game[]

1949 UK: Mrs. Peacock is first shown as an elderly, yet elegant aristocrat who bears a Queen-like resemblance with her tiara. Head is mounted on a blue pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, but now given a body.

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a middle-aged, decorated socialite wearing a hat mounted with peacock feathers.

1972 US: Portrayed in photograph as a gnarly old busybody. She wears a tweed suit and hat, grasps a cane in her hand with her spectacled face pinched in a sour expression.

1986 US: Mrs. Peacock is a little younger than the 1970s version and lacks the sour expression. Otherwise, she is still a puffy busybody wearing a tweed suit, white gloves, and a blue ascot. On her card, she is simply wearing a blue ensemble.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Mrs. Peacock; now given a body.

Master Detective: Mrs. Henrietta Peacock is given a more intellectual upbringing than before as she is now an elderly ornithologist with a specialty in birds of prey. She is credited with singlehandedly saving one bird from extinction and now turns her attention to another endangered species, to which she beseeches Mr. Boddy to donate some of his land to a bird sanctuary. Peacock is given a stylishly scientific look with a light cyan blazer and spectacles on a chain.

1992 US: Again, Mrs. Peacock has returned to being a stylish socialite with an elegant hairdo and blue evening gown. She is shown on the box sitting, clutching some papers with a Revolver resting on the table next to her.

1996 US: Mrs. Peacock is given a more widow-esque look with a dark navy ensemble, a fur wrap and a wild headpiece full of peacock feathers.

1996 UK: Mrs. Peacock is portrayed looking almost as young as Miss Scarlett. She is known for being outrageous with her flamboyant lifestyle.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Mrs. Peacock again is a younger woman, though more of a fading rose with age catching up. Super Cluedo sets her occupation to be an ornithologist, much like the Master Detective Peacock.

2002 US: A more cubist rendition than before; Patricia Peacock is the usual classy social butterfly, and now also the mother of Miss Scarlet. She had previously suffered three disastrous marriages resulting in the husband’s death.

Discover the Secrets: Mrs. Peacock has been completely reinvented as Eleanor Peacock, a manners-freak with a nose for politics.

The Classic Mystery Game: "Peacock" is now an alias for Eleanor Hamilton, a blonde ingenue. Despite her innocent looks, she is a formidable politician.

2016 UK/US: Mrs. Peacock has elevated from a small town girl to an elite socialite through her various marriages, and eventual deaths of her husbands, including Sir Hugh. She desperately sought out an invitation to see Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black at his gala.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue the Movie: "Mrs. Peacock" is an alias for the otherwise unnamed character that was played by Eileen Brennan. She is portrayed as the talkative wife of a corrupt senator. Mrs. Peacock had assisted her husband's political game by accepting secret bribes. She receives the Dagger as a gift from Mr. Boddy. She is also afraid of silence.

Clue the VCR Game: Peacock was played by Betty Lee Bogue. Taking the role of a black widow, Mrs. Peacock had thirteen husbands all of whom had met deaths under mysterious circumstances. She is also a kleptomaniac, taking pleasure from pickpocketing the belongings of others. Nicknamed Ma Bluebird, she is Mr. Boddy's bridge partner.

Cluedo TV-series: Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock takes head role of the series as the proprietor and hostess of Arlington Grange. Each episode revolves around her and the social gatherings of herself and her closest friends, plus one other visitor who usually doesn't last for long. 1990 – Stephanie Beacham, Christmas Special – Kate O'Mara, 1991 – Rula Lenska, 1992 – Susan George, 1993 – Joanna Lumley.

Clue CD-ROM/CD-i Mysteries: Elizabeth Peacock is a resident of Arlington Hall, at one point, the fiancee of Mr. Boddy, but more commonly seen in a relationship with Colonel Mustard. She is an heiress to her family's jewelry fortune which often comes under fire, due to Boddy's meddling. She also is an expert in judo. She is played by Susan Woolridge.

SNES Game: Mrs. Peacock is the usual social priss. Her thematic music is light and airy.

Book series: In the books, Mrs. Peacock is notable for her overbearing attention to the social etiquette of her fellow guests. Often calls the others out on their rudeness, much to their annoyance.

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion/Fatal Illusion: Mrs. Peacock is portrayed as a husky adulteress who had been involved in messy political love triangles while living in London. She is on the constant move to avoid scandal.

Professor Plum[]

Professor Plum is the stock character of a quick witted professor. Often depicted as either a young or middle-aged fellow with a bow tie and glasses, he is widely seen as the intellectual. He rolls last in the game.

In the board game[]

1949 UK: Professor Plum was first depicted as an elderly pontificating scientist with the brains of Albert Einstein. Head mounted on a purple pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, but now given a body.

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a rotund, snooty-looking professor sporting a purple tail coat.

1972 US: Portrayed in a photograph as a young charming looking University professor, who gives off a sort of a leer. For the first time, he is wearing his classic bow tie and glasses. He also is smoking a pipe; a trait that would also be associated with Plum over time. With his good looks and charm he has found a dark side being sneaky.

1986 US: Professor Plum is still a young man, while still retaining the pipe and glasses, he has gained a mustache. He is still seen with his pipe, but slightly less intellectual and more risk-taking as he is willing to venture into geographic areas beset by political unrest if it serves his academic career.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Professor Plum; now given a body and glasses.

Master Detective: Professor Edgar Plum has taken the profession of a shady archeologist with a dubious past. He claims he is on the verge of an earth-shaking discovery that he can feel in his bones. His depiction is similar to the 1986 Plum though his facial expression appears influenced by the contents of his pipe.

1992 US: Almost identical to the 1986 Plum in almost every way though appears to have been given an alarmed expression. On the box, he stands clutching a book, while hovering over a table that has a Knife jabbed into it.

1996 US: Professor Plum has returned to a more youthful age that is more akin to the 1972 Plum. Gone is his smoking pipe, but he still keeps the bow-tie and glasses. He has an alarmed expression on his face.

1996 UK: Again Plum has become an archaeologist who is seeking the proper funding for his next expedition to Egypt. He is wearing a purple tuxedo.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Almost identical to the 1996 US Plum, he appears to be a little more refined with his hair more neatly combed. However, he still keeps the sneaky expression.

2002 US: A more cubist rendition than before; Peter Plum was a curator at a reputed museum before having his position terminated on the grounds of plagiarism. His appearance now gives him red hair that is completely disheveled with a flyaway look.

Discover the Secrets: Professor Plum has been completely reinvented as Victor Plum, a successful video game designer.

The Classic Mystery Game: "Plum" is now an alias for the youthful Nikolas Maksimov, a bespectacled inventor and mathematical genius. A challenge to him could be perilous.

2016 UK/US: Professor Plum is an intrepid archeologist whose many exploits had been funded by Sir Hugh, until a disagreement. Plum has come to Boddy/Black, looking for more fun.

In film, television, books and computer games[]

Clue the Movie: "Professor Plum" is an alias for a character that was played by Christopher Lloyd. Plum’s personality is that of a psychiatrist whose intelligence is envied by others. He works at the World Health Organization but does not practice medicine (having had his license revoked due to improper conduct with a patient). Lloyd’s Plum is rather lewd, (somewhat dumb) and comes off as a womanizer, making sexual passes on Miss Scarlet. He still keeps his good looks and sexy features. He receives the Revolver from Mr. Boddy.

Clue the VCR Game: Plum was played by Jack Neary. Again, he takes on the appearance of a middle-aged college professor whose intelligence is tempered with homicidal tendencies as he killed his wife out of desperation to complete an experiment. He is an expert on many poisons and was Mr. Boddy's son-in-law.

Cluedo TV-series: Professor Peter Plum is shown as yet another family friend of Mrs. Peacock, with an intellectual background. His portrayal: a young American businessman. 1990 – Kristoffer Tabori, Christmas Special – Ian Lavender, 1991 – David McCallum, 1992 – Tom Baker, 1993 – John Bird.

Clue CD-ROM/CD-i Mysteries: Professor Peter Plum is an overweight, middle-aged American chemist, and a companion of Mr. Boddy, who rarely offers Plum common human decency for his many woes. He is characterized as paranoid and often unaware of when he's being made a patsy by the others until it is too late. He can be quite naive, having inventions stolen, being framed for masterminding crimes and under false impressions of Miss Scarlet being attracted to him, all resulting him being a possible murderer. He is played by David Healy.

SNES Game: Professor Plum is the usual absent-minded klutz. He is given a disoriented music theme.

Book series: In the books, Professor Paul Plum is shown to have an abnormally high degree of knowledge, skill and power that has often gotten the gang out sticky situations. For example, in one scenario, he saves the gang from a live bomb from Col. Mustard.

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion/Fatal Illusion: Professor Plum is again a respectable archeologist who had made controversial claims over unexplained theories revolving Egyptian history, for which is a subject he is ever so much the expert on.

Additional suspects[]

In 1985, Parker Bros. released the Clue VCR Mystery Game, introducing the first new official characters in the Cluedo world in 36 years. These characters would appear in a number of other spin-off games and licensed products as well, and become the first of many new characters which would be created for subsequent games and products.

Miss Peach[]

Miss Peach is the stock character of a Southern Belle. Her character is usually one who manipulates others using her sweet, innocent charm. However, this is far from the case. She is appropriately represented by an orange-coloured token.

Clue the VCR Game: Peach was played by Mara Flash. Making her first appearance in the Clue world, Miss Melba Peach arrives purely by ‘accident’ when her car breaks down on the bridge connecting Boddy Mansion with the rest of the world. She really came to the mansion on purpose, on request of her father, M. Brunette in order to con the others out of their earnings in Boddy’s will.

Master Detective: Arriving at Boddy Manor, Miss Georgia Peach claims to be the long-lost step-niece of Mr. Boddy. However, these claims do not go unquestioned for which she claimed to have been taking a long vacation in the country on short notice. She is presented as a blonde-haired girl, wearing a large pastel orange hat, and her favourite flower is the deadly nightshade.

UK Super Challenge: Miss Peach is introduced in Britain. Unlike her American counterpart, this Miss Peach is more like a quiet, reserved school matron.

Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Miss Peach makes another appearance in Britain’s Super Cluedo and Passport to Murder. Her appearance is similar to her depiction in Super Challenge with the short brown hair, yet she has regained a more bubbly personality. However, in Super Cluedo, her colour inexplicably changes to pink, as Mme Mystique (Rose) instead assumes orange.

Clue FX/Cluedo SFX: Miss Peach would later make another appearance in Clue FX. Her personality and looks are very similar to that of her Master Detective counterpart. She sports some daisies as a hair decoration, and carries a parasol.

Clue Mysteries: Miss Amelia Peach is portrayed as a bitter law school dropout who had her share of bad luck in life. She is seen wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and is erroneously dressed in pink.

Clue iOS/Android Game Miss Peach is portrayed as a young woman in pastel pink, with a large sunhat and sunglasses. Peach shows up to meet Mr. Boddy; her former flame, who is horrified to discover she was just a dalliance for him and that he is wedding Mrs. Peacock.

Monsieur Brunette[]

M. Brunette is the stock portrayal of a foreign con artist. In most of his incarnations, he is a deceitful Frenchman out to con others for his own personal gain. Brunette's name is derived from one of the oldest originally created and filed in the patent as that of Mr. Brown, but not previously used in a published game and appropriately represented by a brown-coloured token.

Clue the VCR Game: Brunette was played by Michael Dell'Orto. Making his first appearance in the Clue world, M. Brunette arrives announcing himself as Mr. Boddy’s lawyer. He takes it upon himself to brief the others of Boddy’s wishes during the will reading. However, he is secretly a conman who hopes to cheat the others out of their earnings along with his foster daughter, Miss Peach. Not surprisingly, he also isn’t really French. He always wears an eye patch that he allegedly needs.

Master Detective: Appearing again, this time M. Alphonse Brunette portrays a fraudulent art and arms dealer. His works for which he had sold have come under fire due to questionable authenticity. His inept abilities at being genuine are clearly illustrated by his failure to notice the difference between Monet and Manet.

Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Again, Brunette makes his first appearance in Britain. Although the character is the same as his Master Detective counterpart, his name had been changed and he was now called Mr. Brown in Passport to Murder and even stranger, called Mr. De’Ath in Super Cluedo. Nonetheless, the character is no longer visually a French stereotype.

Clue iOS/Android Game M. Brunette is depicted as a dark, Parisian man in large brown fur coat and suit, with an eyepatch. He appears to be an art dealer who came to value one of Boddy's paintings with the intent of stealing it, and replacing it with a fake.

Madame Rose[]

Madame Rose represents the stock character of a fortune teller. The question is whether she predicted the murder, or caused it? She is represented by a pink-coloured token.

Clue the VCR Game: Rose was played by Mara Clark. For her first appearance in the world of Clue, Rose is presented as Mr. Boddy’s psychic sister. She is the one who invites his old friends back to the mansion so that she could hold a séance and connect with the spirit of her deceased brother. Like her brother Mr. Boddy and nephew Sgt. Grey, Madame Rose shares the main Boddy family trait…insanity.

Master Detective: Recurring in Master Detective as Madame Rhoda Rose, this time she is Mr. Boddy’s ex-secretary from East Grinstead, though of Hungarian heritage. Her name was originally Rhoda Rosengarten before moving back to Hungary to set up her paranormal business. She took the first Budapest tramp steamer to see her old employer after a vision of a dark cloud over him. She is portrayed as an an overweight and heavily jeweled middle-aged woman looking startled while holding up a candlestck .

Super Cluedo: Madame Rose returns once more in Britain’s Super Cluedo, however her name had been inexplicably changed to Mme Mystique and her colou went from pink to orange. Other than that, she is the same character as Rose, though she is portrayed slightly younger and thinner than before.

Clue iOS/Android Game Madame Rose is portrayed much younger than her previous counterparts, with a slinky hot red-pink dress and turban, carrying a crystal ball. She came to predict the death of Mr. Boddy, but perhaps was the one to kill him?

Sergeant Gray[]

Sgt. Gray takes the stock role of a corrupt cop. His abidance to the law which he enforces is questionable. The name "Grey" was originally used as one of ten characters created and filed with the original patent for the game. "Miss Grey", along with "Mrs. Silver", represent one of the oldest colour-names associated with the game which went previously unused in a published edition. It would also prove to be one of the most enduring names in subsequent editions representing completely different characters. He is appropriately represented by a grey-colured token.

Clue the VCR Game: Gray was played by Richard McElvain. For his first appearance in the world of Clue, Gray arrives at Boddy Mansion purely on the basis that the bridge connecting the mansion with the rest of world had been washed out in the storm’s flood, and that it is his job to warn the locals. However, in reality, he is a crazed mental patient who escaped from the asylum and assumed the identity of a police officer due to his amnesia. He is the result of a love affair between Mr. Boddy and Mrs. White, and like his mother, he too is colour blind.

Master Detective: Sgt. Gray returned again, only to become a serious, no-nonsense cop in the village who claims to have stumbled onto the crime scene while collecting funds for the Police Blackmail Awareness Program. He is corrupt at his job and unimaginative in his methodology.

Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Sgt. Gray presumably returns to the Clue world once more in Britain when he appeared in Super Cluedo. However, his appearance had been changed to a much older man, and his rank had been upgraded to have him called Inspector Grey. A more matured title suited his older look better. He appeared again in Passport to Murder, though he inexplicably became Earl Grey. Otherwise, his appearance was the same as the Inspector persona. Possibly, he is undercover.

Clue iOS/Android Game Here, Gray is an Inspector, and is depicted in a grey suit and cloak, wearing gloves, and sporting black shades and a large beard. He appears to have been extorting Mr. Boddy for a cut of the money, to arrange dropping charges for Boddy over a tax scandal.

One-time suspects[]

In 1986, Super Cluedo Challenge was released in the UK, followed by Super Sleuth, marking the second wave of new official characters to appear for the board games.

Captain Brown[]

Super Cluedo Challenge: A sea captain, Captain Robert Brown has not appeared in anything else but is visualized as a lower class, drunk, seaman who came to the mansion under mysterious circumstances and is represented by a brown token.

Mr. Slate-Grey[]

Super Cluedo Challenge: A lawyer or accountant, Mr. Graham Slate-Grey is visualized as middle-aged man in a grey suit. He is represented by a grey-colourd token.

Dr. Orchid[]

2016 UK/US: Dr. Orchid is Boddy/Black's adopted daughter and had been expelled from a Swiss private school due to a daffodil accident. She was then home schooled by the housekeeper, Mrs. White. Orchid obtained her Ph.D in biology, studying plant toxicity, and had discovered a new plant of great properties but would not share her research with anyone.

In 2016, Hasbro released a revamped edition of Clue/Cluedo, featuring a new character taking the place of Mrs. White. Dr. Orchid rolls third in the new edition and is represented by a fuchsia pink token.

Other characters[]

In 1986, Super Cluedo Challenge was released in the UK, followed by Super Sleuth, marking the second wave of new official characters to appear for the board games. In 2009, EA released an iOS game called "Cluedo" in which you play as a reporter rather than a house guest.

Inspector Grey[]

Super Sleuth: The inspector is a non-playable character that blocks spaces.


Super Sleuth: Hogarth is the butler and is a non-playable character that blocks spaces.

The Black Dog[]

Super Sleuth: A large breed of dog is a non-playable character that blocks spaces.

Editor Braunman[]

Cluedo iOS: The Editor is an editor who sends the reporter to gather materials and solve the murder case in an allotted time. The reporter can ask the Editor for extra time, as well as tell him the solutions to the mysteries. Editor Braunman cannot be interviewed, nor does he appear in anywhere but the menu screens.

The Reporter[]

Cluedo iOS: The Reporter is the player character in Cluedo iOS, sent by the Editor to gather materials for the murder cases.

Millennial suspects[]

Released in 2003, Clue FX is an electronic talking version with audio voices and clues. The victim in this version is no longer Mr. Boddy or Dr. Black but is Mr. Meadow-Brook. Along with it came some new characters.

Lady Lavender[]

Clue FX: An herbalist who possibly poisoned her husband, Lord Lawrence Lavender, Lady Lavender is an honorable lady who tends to be a slight bit of a trouble-maker at times. Her Asian heritage is reminiscent of the earlier Miss Scarlet's (c. 1972–1992). In Clue FX, she was an innocent investigator of the death of Mr. Meadow-Brook. Her herbal business makes her successful, wealthy, and entertained, and also quite spoiled, but it is also stated that she wants even more and concocts plants to spice up her life. She is appropriately represented by a lavender token. Interestingly, in the Clue Junior book series, there is a stock character named Mrs. Lavender.

Clue Mysteries: She is given the name Su Sian.

Mr. Meadow-Brook[]

Clue FX: The murder victim. Married to Jane Meadow-Brook, he served as Dr. Black's/Mr. Boddy's lawyer. He has never been depicted in any game.

Clue Mysteries: He is given the name Miles, but is alive and well, practicing law and is occasionally the victim of a theft.

Mrs. Meadow-Brook[]

Clue FX: Wife of the deceased Mr. Meadow-Brook whose murder investigation was headed by Miss Peach with the aid of Lady Lavender, Prince Azure, and Lord Grey. She is situated on a turquoise base, correlating with her Namesake (Meadow/Green, Brook(e)/Blue). She is the local gossip according to Clue canon, and she and Mr. Meadow-Brook were strongly implied to have severe marital problems.

Clue Mysteries: She is given the name Jane.

Prince Azure[]

Clue FX: An art and arms dealer, possible partner to M. Brunette, Azure has both an elusive royal lineage and a knack for cashing in on it. This indicated a master fraud and manipulator. He is known to have a rivalry with Colonel Mustard, and an intense dislike for Mr. Boddy, but he is not a suspect in anybody's deaths thus far. He is the first black character in official Clue canon. He is represented by an Azure blue token.

Clue Mysteries: He is given the name Philippe.

Clue iOS/Android Game Prince Azure is depicted in an elaborate royal suit and has a flowing black beard. He apparently is trying to sell Mr. Boddy a deal on a diamond mine; a scheme that is in fact, a dud.

Rusty Nayler[]

Clue FX, Clue DVD Game: Crusty, bitter and old Rusty is the gardener at Tudor Mansion. He makes his first appearance in Clue FX as a suspect in the murder of Mr. Meadow-Brook. He returned in the Clue DVD Game. Not much is known about this character, save minor details hidden throughout the games. It is strongly implied that Rusty is soon to retire on a pension set aside for him.

Clue Mysteries: He is given the surname Nayler. He is typically referred to by his first name: "Rusty", as "Nayler" has no colour connection, but rust is a shade of orange with some tint of brown.

Lord Gray[]

Clue FX: Gray is a hard color for Clue to decide how to use, as Master Detective gave us "Sgt. Gray" and FX gave us "Lord Gray" (Lord Grey in UK editions), an investigator who looked more like a journalist.

Clue Mysteries: He is given the name Alfred. He is depicted as an ex-army cartographer and is now employed in designing gardens for wealthy clients.

Children's editions[]

Several variants of the game have been developed for children, most notably Clue and Cluedo Jr., which usually involve the disappearance of something or someone, rather than a murder. For the most part, these variants use the standard six surnames with different first names or titles, often changing the gender of the original character. However, there a few notable exceptions.

Cluedo Jr.[]

Typical of the first name changes, the UK edition introduced the first animal player/suspect: Samantha Scarlett, Mustard the Dog, Wendy White, George Green, Polly Peacock, Peter Plum.

Cluedo Junior Detective[]

This edition introduced Inspector Cluedo, and his trusty bloodhound Watson, who invites his 8 nephews and nieces, including the six younger versions of the standard six characters Jake Plum, Natalie Peacock, Jessica Scarlett, Spike Mustard, Robbie Green, Megan White, and for the first time, a young Miss Beth Peach, and the young Dr. Tom Black – who is an investigator for the first time and not a victim.

Film and DVD[]

1985 marked a milestone year for Cluedo as it not only began expanding its character roster, but also became the premise for a major motion picture, itself adding numerous characters to the game's canon, as well as the start of Clue's multi-media development.[2][3]

The Butler[]

The butler is rarely used in Clue, but when he is, he is usually a character that is most connected with the watching audience. Though sometimes unnamed, the character has made appearances under the names Wadsworth, Didit, Ashe and Hogarth.

Clue the Movie: The butler was a lead character in the 1985 film Clue played by Tim Curry. He appeared as an Englishman named Wadsworth, who was always ever so neat and tidy with his buttling. He mentions to have been Mr. Boddy's former butler and that he had resigned after Mr. Boddy's blackmail had caused his wife to commit suicide (she had had socialist friends, which would've had dire consequences under the context of McCarthyism). There might be more to him however than there seems: in two of the endings he is an FBI agent, and in one of the endings, the character turns out to be the actual Mr. Boddy (and is eventually shot by Mr. Green in the hall with the revolver). Because he organized the whole gathering, he appoints himself as the de facto leader of the group.

Clue the VCR Game: Also in 1985 the butler appeared in the VCR games. This time named Didit, he provided interaction with the audience to describe the rules and gameplay.

Computer Games: The butler has also made unnamed appearances in the computer games. In recent editions the butler has made prominent appearances as Mr. Ashe. The butler also appears for a humorous moment or two in the movie clip sequences.

Cluedo Super Sleuth: The butler was called Hogarth and was not a suspect. Instead he was there to either help or thwart players. He is called Ashe in the Australian version.

The Inspector[]

The Inspector typically works for Scotland Yard, and is mentioned in a couple of Clue games. Though often unnamed, this character has made appearances under the names: Pry, Brown and Gray.

Clue the Movie: The 1985 film has two policeman characters arrive at the mansion. The first is The Cop, a middle-aged, off-duty police officer. The Cop arrives at Hill House ostensibly looking for the owner of the Motorist's abandoned car. Like the Motorist (see below), he is murdered (with the lead pipe in the library by Miss Scarlett in endings A and C) while using the telephone. He is later revealed to be a dishonest police officer in the Washington area. He has been taking bribes from Miss Scarlett to keep quiet about her brothel, and at the same time informing on her to Mr. Boddy. He is played by Bill Henderson.

The second police character, usually known as The Chief, initially seems to be a gag character, an evangelist who comes to the door talking about "the Kingdom of Heaven." However, in all three endings he acts as the film's deus ex machina, turning out to be an undercover police chief who arrests the murderer or murderers. He is played by Howard Hesseman in an uncredited role. The Chief is accompanied by three unnamed cops in credited non-speaking roles, played by Will Nye, Rick Goldman, and Don Camp.

Clue the VCR Game II: The priggish Inspector Pry is the narrator for the game.

Cluedo SFX, Clue Mysteries, Clue DVD Game: The narrator is Inspector Brown.

Cluedo Super Sleuth: The character is now Inspector Gray who either helps or thwarts the players.


Clue the Movie: A young and stereotypically-dressed French maid, she appears in the 1985 movie, played by Colleen Camp. She speaks English only passably and with an accent. Although she is murdered in the billiard room by either Miss Scarlett (ending A), Mrs. Peacock (ending B), or Mrs. White (ending C) with the rope late into the movie, she is still considered a prime suspect (in ending A, she is revealed by Wadsworth to have murdered Mr. Boddy and Mrs. Ho under Miss Scarlett's orders), and her French accent is ultimately shown to be a ruse. Her character also acts as connecting character for many instances: She worked for Miss Scarlett's escort agency and one of her clients was Colonel Mustard. She also had an affair with Mrs. White's husband, as well as being an accomplice to Mr. Boddy.

Mrs. Ho[]

Clue the Movie: The chef at Hill House was cast as Mrs. Ho, or more commonly, The Cook. Here, she is shown as a robust Asian woman with a penchant for cooking exotic gourmet meals (she prepares shark's fin soup, and a Cantonese monkey brain dish in the movie). She appears in two brief but memorable scenes: her infamous "knife pointing" scene and her bashing the gong (which frightens Mr. Green). Her unwieldy corpse gets much more screen time, as she is stabbed with the dagger in the kitchen early in the film. Later, she is revealed to have been Mrs. Peacock's cook at one point. She was played by Kellye Nakahara.

The Motorist[]

Clue the Movie: The first "outsider" to arrive at Hill House, the Motorist seems to be an unfortunate middle-aged man who seeks shelter from the rain as his 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air has broken down. However, he is murdered (with the wrench in the lounge) while making a telephone call. He is one of Mr. Boddy's contacts who had information on Colonel Mustard as he was Mustard's chauffeur during the War. He is played by Jeffrey Kramer.

The Singing Telegram Girl[]

Clue the Movie: While the Motorist and the Cop are killed not long after their arrival at the mansion, she is shot in the chest with the revolver on the porch (second to last bullet) almost immediately, before she can even complete her singing telegram. She is later revealed to be a former patient and lover of Professor Plum. She was portrayed by Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's.


In 1990, Cluedo spawned several television game-show dramas, which in addition to the standard six characters, created a number of additional characters, primarily victims.The most notable recurring character in the UK series was Mr. White. The Australian Series introduced a regular additional inspector named Det. Sgt. Stanley Bogong. This character was also incorporated into the series format by the French, German and Swedish versions as well.

UK Series 1

1.1 Count Henri de Beauchamp – A sleazy French con-man who attempts to woo and wed Mrs. Peacock for her wealth. Killed by Mrs Peacock with the poison in the dining room. Portrayed by Oliver Tobias.

1.2 Mr. Hall – A property developer wishes to drain the local pond to build a discothèque. Killed by Col. Mustard with the statuette in the dining room. Portrayed by Nicholas Ball.

1.3 Mrs. Janet Hope – The wife and fellow partner-in-crime with Mr. Jeremy Hope. Both are bridge hustlers. Miss Scarlett killed her in the study with the bridge trophy. Portrayed by Joanna Van Gyseghem.

1.4 Peregrine Talbot-Wheeler – A smarmy antiques collector and host of a popular television show, "The Antique Treasure Trail," visits to revalue Mrs. Peacock's valuables. Mrs. Peacock used the sword to kill him in the study. Portrayed by Nickolas Grace.

1.5 Mr. David Chapman – Prof. Plum's boss and an ambitious politician up against the bid for MP alongside with Col. Mustard. Strangled to death by Professor Plum with the black tie in the billiard room. Portrayed by Simon Williams.

1.6 Police Constable Jones – A local policeman hired to watch over the proceedings of the annual fete. Mrs. White poisoned him in the drawing room. Portrayed by Chris Wright.

UK Christmas Special

C.1 Ken the Chauffeur – The son of a Judge who owned Arlington Grange comes for Christmas disguised as a chauffeur while he has his associate pretend to be him instead. Richard was killed by Miss Scarlett with the knife in the library. Portrayed by James Clyde.

UK Series 2

2.1 Simon Charles – An investment broker who manages to dupe everybody else into investing in a faulty deal that later collapsed. Killed by Mrs. White with the steel sharpener in the kitchen. Portrayed by Malcolm Stoddard.

2.2 George Biddle – An insurance assessor visits to re-insure the valuables in the Grange. He's also an old friend of Colonel Mustard. Killed by Reverend Green with the kettle flex in the kitchen. Portrayed by Mark Eden.

2.3 Marieanne Kray – Famed actress visits to shoot a new movie on location at the Grange. Former acquaintance of Mrs. Peacock. Killed by Colonel Mustard with the rope in the kitchen. Portrayed by Sharon Maughan.

2.4 Ben the Window Cleaner – A private detective disguises as a window cleaner hired by Mrs. Peacock to keep his eye on the valuables in the Grange. Killed by Mrs. Peacock with the lead piping in the billiard room. Portrayed by Nick Berry.

2.5 Dave the Hippie – Miss Scarlett's latest boyfriend camps with his commune next to Rev. Green's church; disaster ensues. Killed by Miss Scarlett with the knife in the study. Portrayed by Christopher Guard.

2.6 Jack Peacock – Mrs. Peacock's second husband returns from the grave and wishes to reclaim his property. Killed by Professor Plum with the urn in the drawing room. Portrayed by Lewis Collins (who would go on to portray Col. Mustard in the 3rd season).

UK Series 3

3.1 Gordon Ferrar – An activist shows up beaten on the Grange doorsteps after a catastrophic day at a fox hunt. Killed by Reverend Green with the scissors in the kitchen. Portrayed by Neil Morrissey.

3.2 Miss Terry – Due to Mrs. White's paranoia over ghosts, Prof. Plum hires a psychic to calm her soul. Killed by Colonel Mustard with the dagger in the billiard room. Portrayed by Ruth Madoc.

3.3 Max Gold – A multi-millionaire buys Arlington Grange with the intentions to turn it into a theme park. Killed by Mrs. Peacock with the croquet mallet in the study. Portrayed by Mike Sarne.

3.4 Sister Concepta – Mrs. Peacock's long lost sister-in-law arrives claiming to be the real heir of Arlington Grange and hopes to turn it into a God-fearing convent. Killed by Mrs. White with the African spear in the drawing room. Portrayed by Jean Boht.

3.5 David Stringer – A journalist shows up to write an article on country living, but becomes a little too interested in the house occupants. Killed by Professor Plum with the insecticide in the library. Portrayed by Dudley Sutton.

3.6 Clive Moxton – Miss Scarlett's new fiancee is not all whom he appears to be. Killed by Miss Scarlett with the sword in the billiard room. Portrayed by Simon Shepherd.

UK Series 4

4.1 Jake Swithin – A crass handyman who strikes it rich after discovering an incredible claim for lost treasure. Killed by Professor Plum with the dagger in the billiard room. Portrayed by Ray Lonnen.

4.2 Sir Nigel Hussey – A government MP who plans to build a sex theme park on the grounds surrounding Arlington Grange, once a Brigadier to Col. Mustard. Killed by Colonel Mustard with the G-string in the kitchen. Portrayed by Ian McNeice.

4.3 Candice Costello – A celebrity journalist who visits the Grange, but her nosy research lands her on cold ice. Killed by Reverend Green with the ice pick in the kitchen. Portrayed by Caroline Langrishe.

4.4 Marjory Hunt – Close friend of Mrs. White, who also happens to have psychic intuition. Her predictions cause worry amongst the guests. Killed by Miss Scarlett with the lighter in the drawing room. Portrayed by Jean Alexander.

4.5 Terrence Radcliffe – Mrs. Peacock's new financial advisor who is a little too eager for business. Killed by Mrs. White with the decanter stopper in the study. Portrayed by Matthew Marsh.

4.6 Roger Morgan – A smut writer comes to the Grange seeking some racy details for his biography on Princess Katherine. Killed by Mrs. Peacock with the microphone in the study. Portrayed by Daniel Peacock.


Clue Jr., a "Let's Read and Play" book, written by Sara Miller and illustrated by Jim Talbot, introduced five new suspects in 2004: The Butler, The Cook, The Gardener, The Maid, and The Repairman.

Other media[]

Mobil £5 Million Cluedo Mystery[]

In the first half of 1985, Mobil Oil partnered with Cluedo to introduce three new characters as part of its contest game: Sir Winfield Peach II (orange), Lady Melissa Oakwood (brown), and Dr. Rex Prussian (Prussian blue). These characters were added along with three additional murder weapons in order to balance out the game's need for equal playing elements. Of the three, only the name Peach would be re-used for other official characters.

Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion[]

The short lived interactive video game series from Hasbro introduced five new characters alongside the usual six: Ian Masque, Marina Popov, Martin Urfe, Sabata, and Dr. Julia Kell.

Ian Masque is the owner of an isolated mountain estate in Switzerland. He has invited the original Cluedo suspects along with the above-mentioned new characters to his private home, for a mysterious dinner party. Very little is known about him, and he is basically a stock-character of the eccentric millionaire.

Marina Popov is an attractive blonde-haired Russian psychic. Communist?

Martin Urfe is a magician, hired by Ian Masque to entertain the party guests. It is implied that Urfe is not very good at his job and may be a fraud. He is the game's first comedy relief.

Sabata is a deranged Spanish artist, and is almost certainly based after real-life artists Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. He is the game's second comedy relief.

Dr. Julia Kell is an aging German psychoanalyst with possible connections to the Nazis, as the game is set in 1938, shortly before the beginning of WWII.

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