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D453678 D453678 14 April 2020

i love clue

i love clue so much well and i carly

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AnthonyBrennan AnthonyBrennan 15 May 2018


The house was haunted and just as Plum figured when sky fits heaven he hits the Lounge with the Rope and ties it to a bell rings the bell for info Who did it? With what? And where? Mrs. White with the wrench in the Ballroom if the study wasn't enough the 1986 clue Board game is the original clue board game. The classic Detective game also copyrighted in 1992 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was also based off the 1986 board game. 

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ElectricSupernova ElectricSupernova 7 January 2017


I am planning on adopting this wiki.

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Riley Mason Riley Mason 4 May 2015

My CLUE cast

  • Johnny Depp as Prof. Plum
  • Donald Sutherland as Col. Mustard
  • Ben Affleck as Mr. Green
  • Madeleine Stowe as Mrs. Peacock
  • Meryl Streep as Mrs. White
  • Amber Heard as Miss Scarlett
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